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Weekend Warriors

Film, Exhibitions, Concerts – What To Do This Weekend

We’re entering late February already. How is that possible? I feel like we just started the new year. But here we are, working through the winter and looking forward to spring (not to rush ahead too much!). My family and I are looking to Read More
Weekend Warriors

Seven events to spark joy in your weekend

I had this idea that over the holiday weekend I would do some much needed cleaning and organizing in my home. But, when the weekend came that idea did not spark joy. What did make me happy was meeting up with friends and enjoying the Read More
Weekend Warriors

Gearing up for film, music and more this weekend

My Insta feed keeps reminding me that it’s awards season and that leaves me with cinema on the brain. The Wexner Center for the Arts consistently delivers fascinating film series and at the moment their selections have me reminiscing about Read More
Weekend Warriors

Leap into the weekend with music, film and more

Mojoflo is playing two shows Friday, Feb. 28 at Natalie’s Grandview and I bought my ticket AGES ago. Good thing too, because the first show is sold out of table seats (general admission is still open). As of Wednesday Feb. 24 there are Read More
Artists of Columbus

Carl Lee, filmmaker

“Art has always played a major role in my life in many facets. A Black boy from the inner city of Columbus, I often searched for different outlets to exert the creativity locked inside me. Those ways came both positively and negatively. My Read More
Weekend Warriors

Eight events to carry you through February

Technically February is the shortest month of the year, but in Ohio the gray skies and nasty weather can make it feel like the longest month. They say time flies when you are having fun, and for fun I look to the arts. I checked Read More
Weekend Warriors

Eight heart-healthy arts events

I’m in a bleh kind of mood. My go-to in a moment like this is to reach for sugar and alcohol, but I am trying to develop healthier habits, so today I reached for the events calendar at ColumbusMakesArt. Sure a little sugar binge will feel Read More
Weekend Warriors

8 arts events for a fulfilling weekend

As the flowers start to wake up and show themselves, so do I. I want to get out. You? Planning my weekend adventures is easy. I just go to the events calendar at ColumbusMakesArt.com, do a search by date range and scroll. These are the Read More
Weekend Warriors

Festivals, Theater & More This Week

Although I’m not rushing into the hot days of summer, this past weekend’s weather has me really excited for out-of-the-house activities, including more time with the Columbus arts. Looking through the calendar on ColumbusMakesArt.com, I Read More

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