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Man, summer goes quick. It feels like we’re just getting started and BOOM: it’s the end of June already. Don’t tell my kids, but school starts in less than two months…

But time flies when you’re having fun, right? Already this summer, my family and I have done the Columbus Arts Festival, gone biking in Yellow Springs, taken a trip to the beach, attended a big neighborhood block party and spent hours at the pool. In preparation for this weekend, I’m searching the calendars on ColumbusMakesArt.com and discovering even more great things to do.

These events stood out to me this week:

‘Tis the season for live music outdoors, too! This weekend we’ll take our pick from:

Enjoy the last weekend in June, everyone! Be sure to tag your local arts discoveries with #artmakescbus!

Nick is Marketing, Communications, & Events Administrator for the Arts Council. He also leads culinary tours and blogs about breakfast at breakfastwithnick.com. He just read Good Omens for the first time and LOVED it. Now he’s on to Neverwhere.

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