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Artists of Columbus

Suzan Bradford Kounta, dancer/choreographer

"Everyone has a defining moment that shapes their future. I was always a 'dancing machine' and increasingly aware of embracing my African culture. My defining wake-up bell rang when as a young adult, I found myself on the shores of West Read More
Artists of Columbus

Allan Phells, performer & visual artist

"Music, dance, and art has been in me since I was a kid. Upon seeing Michael Jackson’s Thriller (along with Jackson’s iconic Motown 25 performance with the debut of the moonwalk), I knew from that moment, that dancing would forever change Read More
Artists of Columbus

Jimmy Orrante, performer

"Growing up in Los Angeles, I never thought I would become a professional dancer much less a choreographer who continues to add to the art form. My path to Columbus has taken me from Los Angeles to North Carolina, Las Vegas and Memphis. In Read More
Weekend Warriors

Revivals, Reimaginings, and Resilient Women

Before interning for the Greater Columbus Arts Council, I tended to scour social media for plans over the weekend. Since then I’ve started checking out what ColumbusMakesArt.com has to offer, and right away a few things caught my eye: Read More
Weekend Warriors

From young artists to old art, seven up-and-coming arts events

I have friends with kids and to hear them tell it, May is insane. This seems to bear out on the arts calendar where there are several end-of-year performances for our very young artists and community activities geared to families. I may Read More
Weekend Warriors

Seven events to enjoy before your calendar blows up

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the quiet before the storm.” That’s what this week is, the quiet before the storm that is the holiday season. Now is the time for me to go to all of the arts events that I want to enjoy, before my calendar Read More
Artists of Columbus

Tony Meredith, ballroom dancer

Ballroom dancing is my art. Ever since I can remember music, singing, and dancing were part of growing up in Hawaii, California and the Samoan Islands. The Hula, Warrior chants, and Salsa. Dance came natural to me. I followed all the Read More

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